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Trialling the preparation for reuse of B2C ICT WEEE in Ireland

Coughlan, Damian; Reddy, Martin; Fitzpatrick, Colin

The TriREUSE project investigated the potential of collecting B2C ICT WEEE for preparation for reuse in workplaces in Ireland. TriREUSE ran a series of WEEE to Work events where employees were incentivised to return their data-bearing devices (Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones) at these events where free data wiping and destruction were offered on all devices. The collected devices were returned to a certified Preparation for Reuse organisation where the devices were tested and assessed for their suitability for reuse using both technical and economic criteria. 283 kg of laptops, smartphones and tablets was collected from 10 events of which 60 kg (28%) was suitable for preparation for reuse. 64 (29%) of the data-bearing devices that were collected were successfully prepared for reuse. A further 308 kg of WEEE outside of the scope of the project was also collected during the events.
Published in: PLATE – Product lifetimes and the environment : 3rd PLATE Conference, September 18–20, 2019 Berlin, Germany, Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin
Published by ISBN 978-3-7983-3125-9