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A depth-averaged non-cohesive sediment transport model with improved discretization of flux and source terms

Zhao, Jiaheng; Özgen-Xian, Ilhan; Liang, Dongfang; Wang, Tian; Hinkelmann, Reinhard

This paper presents novel flux and source term treatments within a Godunov-type finite volume framework for predicting the depth-averaged shallow water flow and sediment transport with enhanced the accuracy and stability. The suspended load ratio is introduced to differentiate between the advection of the suspended load and the advection of water. A modified Harten, Lax and van Leer Riemann solver with the contact wave restored (HLLC) is derived for the flux calculation based on the new wave pattern involving the suspended load ratio. The source term calculation is enhanced by means of a novel splitting-point implicit discretization. The slope effect is introduced by modifying the critical shear stress, with two treatments being discussed. The numerical scheme is tested in five examples that comprise both fixed and movable beds. The model predictions show good agreement with measurement, except for cases where local three-dimensional effects dominate.
Published in: Journal of hydrology, 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2018.12.059, Elsevier