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Influential Factors in the Loading of the Axial Bearing of the Slewing Platform Drive in Hydraulic Excavators

Jovanović, Vesna; Marinković, Dragan; Janošević, Dragoslav; Petrović, Nikola

The paper contains the results of the analysis of factors that influence the loading of the axial bearing of the slewing platform drive mechanism in hydraulic excavators. The following influential factors are considered: the operations of the excavator manipulation tasks, the number of drives in the slewing platform mechanism, and the configuration of the excavator kinematic chain. The importance of the influence of these factors is assessed on the basis of the comparison between certain equivalent loads of the platform drive bearing with the diagrams of allowed load capacities of available bearings. The equivalent loads of the platform drive mechanism bearing are determined using the approach of static and dynamic excavator simulation in the programs developed on the basis of the defined mathematical models of the excavator. The equivalent loads are given with regard to the duration of the manipulation task and in the form of a spectrum of equivalent loads determined in the entire operating area of the excavator. The analysis is performed for three different configurations of the kinematic chain of a tracked hydraulic excavator with the mass of around 100000 kg.
Published in: Tehnicki vjesnik - Technical Gazette, 10.17559/tv-20220425205603, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slavonski Brod