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A mobile gait analysis system for optimization of prosthetic alignments

Westebbe, Bettina; Thiele, Julius; Kraft, Marc

The prosthesis alignment is of central importance for a harmonic gait, especially for upper limb amputees. Today alignment optimization is based on static measuring and the experience of the orthopaedic technician. To objectify the alignment process a mobile gait analysis system based on 10 inertial sensors and a 6 DOF force and moment sensor was developed at the TU Berlin. The dedicated software adds dynamic gait parameters into the optimization process and guides the necessary changes in the prosthesis alignment. Therefore 19 common alignment changes were analysed based on measurements with 2 subjects fitted with the C-Leg knee. The anterior and posterior displacement of the knee will be the focus of an additional study with 6 subjects.
Published in: Biomedical engineering = Biomedizinische Technik, 10.1515/bmt-2013-4123, De Gruyter
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