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Cyclic deformation behavior of Mg–SiC nanocomposites on the macroscale and nanoscale

Hübler, Daniela; Winkler, Kai; Riedel, Ralf; Kamrani, Sepideh; Fleck, Claudia

Metal-ceramic nanocomposites are promising candidates for applications necessitating light weight and excellent fatigue resistance. We produced Mg–SiC nanocomposites from mechanically milled powders, yielding a homogeneous nanocrystalline structure and excellent quasistatic strength values. Little is known, however, about the fatigue behavior of such composites. Here, we used load increase tests on the macroscale to yield estimation values of the fatigue endurance limit. Fatigue strength increased significantly for the materials processed by the powder metallurgical route. We further investigated the cyclic deformation behavior under stress-controlled conditions on the macroscale and nanoscale. Cyclic nanoindentation showed that indentation depth and cyclic plastic deformation decreased with increasing reinforcement content, hinting to a higher cyclic strength and corroborating the results from the macroscopic load increase tests. Our results therefore show that cyclic nanoindentation reliably determines the plastic deformation behavior of Mg nanocomposites offering the possibility of fast material analysis.
Published in: Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures, /10.1111/ffe.13600, Wiley