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Family business and regional development

Basco, Rodrigo (Editor); Stough, Roger (Editor); Suwala, Lech (Editor)

This edited collection explores the relationship between families, firms, and regions and the extent to which these relationships contribute to regional economic and social development. The main rationale is to evaluate what we already know about the juxtaposition and cross-fertilisation between family business and regional studies. This will enable us to discover new lenses and research paths that can strengthen the cross-fertilisation between both disciplines and to envision and propose future lines of research. We explore two seldom studied questions: (1) What role do family firms play in regional development? (2) How do formal and informal regional contexts shape family firms’ operations and performance? This edited collection intends to contribute to theory and practice by linking economic, social, and political players, whose interactions at local and regional levels are believed to play a role in their success.