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Photocatalytic Activity and Mechanical Properties of Cements Modified with TiO2/N

Janus, Magdalena; Mądraszewski, Szymon; Zając, Kamila; Kusiak-Nejman, Ewelina; Morawski, Antoni W.; Stephan, Dietmar

In this paper, studies of the mechanical properties and photocatalytic activity of new photoactive cement mortars are presented. The new building materials were obtained by the addition of 1, 3, and 5 wt % (based on the cement content) of nitrogen-modified titanium dioxide (TiO2/N) to the cement matrix. Photocatalytic active cement mortars were characterized by measuring the flexural and the compressive strength, the hydration heat, the zeta potential of the fresh state, and the initial and final setting time. Their photocatalytic activity was tested during NOx decomposition. The studies showed that TiO2/N gives the photoactivity of cement mortars during air purification with an additional positive effect on the mechanical properties of the hardened mortars. The addition of TiO2/N into the cement shortened the initial and final setting time, which was distinctly observed using 5 wt % of the photocatalyst in the cement matrix.
Published in: Materials, 10.3390/ma12223756, MDPI