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Validation of Product-Service Systems in Virtual Reality

Exner, Konrad; Stark, Rainer

Research in the area of the integrated development of products and services, designated as Product-Service Systems (PSS), is maturing and a transition in industrial practices is noticeable. Nevertheless, PSS development methodologies lack consistent approaches regarding the integrated validation of different PSS elements rather than a separate development and validation. To prevent an expensive roll-out and testing in late development stages new methodologies and techniques need to be developed and applied. The challenge is theenablement of experiencing and thus testing of PSS in early stages, like planning and concept phase.In order to address these challenges for an integrated validation of PSS a prototyping approach named SHP4PSS has been introduced on a conceptual level [1], integrating virtual and physical prototypes in a Virtual Reality (VR). To complete the methodology a matrix is presented to derive test cases out of early PSS concepts. Furthermore, the evaluation matrix regarding the test phase and the current version of the demonstrator is introduced.
Published in: Procedia CIRP, 10.1016/j.procir.2015.02.092, Elsevier