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Strategies and Best Practices for Model-based Systems Engineering Adoption in Embedded Systems Industry

Amorim, Tiago; Vogelsang, Andreas; Pudlitz, Florian; Gersing, Peter; Philipps, Jan

[Context] Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) advocates the integrated use of models throughout all development phases of a system development life-cycle. It is also often suggested as a solution to cope with the challenges of engineering complex systems. However, MBSE adoption is no trivial task and companies, especially large ones, struggle to achieve it in a timely and effective way. [Goal] We aim to discover what are the best practices and strategies to implement MBSE in companies that develop embedded software systems. [Method] Using an inductive-deductive research approach, we conducted 14 semi-structured interviews with experts from 10 companies. Further, we analyzed the data and drew some conclusions which were validated by an on-line questionnaire in a triangulation fashion. [Results] Our findings are summarized in an empirically validated list of 18 best practices for MBSE adoption and through a prioritized list of the 5 most important best practices. [Conclusions] Raising engineers’ awareness regarding MBSE advantages and acquiring experience through small projects are considered the most important practices to increase the success of MBSE adoption.
Published in: 2019 ACM/IEEE 41st International Conference on Software Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)