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Model-based evaluation environment for sustainability

Oertwig, Nicole; Wintrich, Nikolaus; Jochem, Roland

Nowadays, many companies are using enterprise models within an enterprise planning system to develop their business strategy. In order to follow a holistic sustainability approach, environmental, economic and social aspects have to be integrated into these models on a strategic, tactical and operational level. This results in an increased model complexity and requires mechanisms to ensure consistency and efficient model management. Furthermore, the user is confronted with a variety of data and is not able to perform model validation and verification as well as using the enterprise model as a tool for operational support. This paper presents an approach of a model-based evaluation environment by extending enterprise models with sustainability artefacts, to empower the users within their decision-making towards a sustainable enterprise orientation. A framework for contextual enterprise modelling is applied to provide configurable individual model evaluation and application views.
Published in: Procedia CIRP, 10.1016/j.procir.2014.07.097, Elsevier