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A Flight Simulator Study to Evaluate Manual Flying Skills of Airline Pilots

Haslbeck, Andreas; Kirchner, Paul; Schubert, Ekkehart; Bengler, Klaus

This paper reports an experimental study with the objective to assess pilots’ raw-data-based flight performance which is affected by long-term practice and structured training. Fifty-seven airline pilots with different levels of aviation experience scheduled on an Airbus fleet, representing contrary levels of practice and training, had to fly a simulated 45 minutes approach and landing scenario while flight performance data were objectively recorded. The level of practice and training was found to have a significant influence on manual flying skills. Pilots with low levels of practice and training showed a large variance in manual flight performance; pilots with high levels of practice and training demonstrated high and homogenous performance.
Published in: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 10.1177/1541931214581003, SAGE Publications
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