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Power Market Tool (POMATO) for the analysis of zonal electricity markets

Weinhold, Richard; Mieth, Robert

The proposed open-source Power Market Tool (POMATO) aims to enable research on interconnected modern and future electricity markets in the context of the physical transmission system and its secure operation. POMATO has been designed to study capacity allocation and congestion management policies of European zonal electricity markets, especially flow-based market coupling (FBMC). For this purpose, POMATO implements methods for the analysis of simultaneous zonal market clearing, nodal (N-k secure) power flow computation for capacity allocation, and multi-stage market clearing with adaptive grid representation and redispatch. The computationally demanding N-k secure power flow is enabled via an efficient constraint reduction algorithm. POMATO provides an integrated environment for data read-in, pre- and post-processing and interactive result visualization. Comprehensive data sets of European electricity systems compiled from Open Power System Data and Matpower Cases are part of the distribution. POMATO is implemented in Python and Julia, leveraging Python’s easily maintainable data processing and user interaction features and Julia’s well readable algebraic modeling language, superior computational performance and interfaces to open-source and commercial solvers.
Published in: SoftwareX, 10.1016/j.softx.2021.100870, Elsevier