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Generalized Typed Attributed Graph Transformation Systems based on Morphisms Changing Type Graphs and Data Signature

Ehrig, Hartmut; Ehrig, Karsten; Ermel, Claudia; Prange, Ulrike

Forschungsberichte der Fakultät IV - Elektrotechnik und Informatik / Technische Universität Berlin

Our aim is to extend the framework of typed attributed graphs in [1] to generalized typed attributed graphs. They are based on generalized attributed graph morphisms, short GAG-morphisms, which allow to change the type graph, data signature, and domain. This allows to formulate type hierarchies and views of visual languages defined by GAG-morphisms between type graphs, short GATG-morphisms. In order to study interaction and integration of views, restriction of views along type hierarchies, restriction and integration of consistent view models and reflection of behaviour between different typed attributed graph transformation systems we present suitable conditions for the construction of pushouts and pullbacks, and special van Kampen properties in the category GAGraphs of generalized attributed graphs. Moreover, we show that (GAGraphs,M) and (GAGraphsATG,M) are adhesive HLR categories for the class M of injective, persistent, and signature preserving morphisms.