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Modelling Evolution of Communication Platforms and Scenarios based on Transformations of High-Level Nets and Processes

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Gabriel, Karsten

Forschungsberichte der Fakultät IV - Elektrotechnik und Informatik / Technische Universität Berlin

Algebraic High-Level (AHL) nets are a well-known modelling technique based on Petri nets with algebraic data types, which allows to model the communication structure and the data flow within one modelling framework. Transformations of AHL-nets – inspired by the theory of graph transformations – allow in addition to modify the communication structure. Moreover, high-level processes of AHL-nets capture the concurrent semantics of AHL-nets in an adequate way. Altogether we obtain a powerful integrated formal specification technique to model and analyse all kinds of communication based systems, especially different kinds of communication platforms. In this paper we show how to model the evolution of communication platforms and scenarios based on transformations of Algebraic High-Level Nets and Processes. All constructions and results are illustrated by a running example showing the evolution of Apache Wave platforms and scenarios. The evolution of platforms is modelled by the transformation of AHL-nets and that of scenarios by the transformation of AHL-net processes. The first main result shows under which conditions AHL-net processes can be extended if the corresponding AHL-net is transformed. This result can be applied to show the extension of scenarios for a given platform evolution. The second main result shows how AHL-net processes can be transformed based on a special kind of transformation for AHL-nets, corresponding to action evolution of platforms. Finally, we briefly discuss the case of multiple action evolutions.