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Perceptually-aware bilateral filtering for quality improvement in low bit rate video coding

de-Frutos-López, Manuel; Medina-Chanca, Helen; Sanz-Rodríguez, Sergio; Peláez-Moreno, Carmen; Díaz-de-María, Fernando

Perceptual coding has become of great interest in modern video coding due to the need for higher compression rates. Many previous works have been carried out to incorporate perceptual information to hybrid video encoders, either modifying the quantization parameter according to a certain perceptual resource allocation map or preprocessing video sequences for removing information that is not perceptually relevant. The first strategy is limited by the presence of blocking artifacts and the second one lacks of adaptation to video content. In this paper, a novel and simple approach is proposed, which performs a smart filtering prior to the encoding process preserving both the structural and motion information. The experiments prove that the use of proposed method implemented on an H.264 encoder significantly improves its perceptual quality for low bit rates.
Published in: 2012 Picture Coding Symposium : PCS, 10.1109/PCS.2012.6213258, IEEE