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Novel measurement system for respiratory aerosols and droplets in indoor environments

Lommel, Michael; Froese, Vera; Sieber, Moritz; Jentzsch, Marvin; Bierewirtz, Tim; Hasirci, Ümit; Rese, Tim; Seefeldt, Josef; Schimek, Sebastian; Kertzscher, Ulrich; Paschereit, Christian Oliver

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has created a great demand for a better understanding of the spread of viruses in indoor environments. A novel measurement system consisting of one portable aerosol-emitting mannequin (emitter) and a number of portable aerosol-absorbing mannequins (recipients) was developed that can measure the spread of aerosols and droplets that potentially contain infectious viruses. The emission of the virus from a human is simulated by using tracer particles solved in water. The recipients inhale the aerosols and droplets and quantify the level of solved tracer particles in their artificial lungs simultaneously over time. The mobile system can be arranged in a large variety of spreading scenarios in indoor environments and allows for quantification of the infection probability due to airborne virus spreading. This study shows the accuracy of the new measurement system and its ability to compare aerosol reduction measures such as regular ventilation or the use of a room air purifier.
Published in: Indoor Air, 10.1111/ina.12860, Wiley