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Influence of the Distance between Two Catalysts for CO2 to Dimethyl Ether Tandem Reaction

Javed, Mudassar; Brösigke, Georg; Schomäcker, Reinhard; Repke, Jens-Uwe

Tandem reactions, with their great potential for reduction of capital and operational costs, reaction time, and byproducts are becoming more prominent. Among possible tandem reaction systems for direct conversion of CO2 to green fuel, dimethyl ether synthesis via methanol route is of vital importance. However, there are several parameters which must be considered for the combination of two catalysts to achieve promising performance, of those, the distance between the two catalysts is a crucial one. This distance can affect the overall performance of the tandem system by causing external mass transfer limitations or the poisoning of the catalysts. This work presents a systematic study on the influence of the distance between the two catalysts for the CO2 to dimethyl ether tandem system.
Published in: Chemical Engineering & Technology, 10.1002/ceat.202200541, Wiley-VCH