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GIS-based ontology for surrounding buildings to support building renovation

Daneshfar, Maryam; Hartmann, Timo; Rabe, Jochen

This research focuses on developing an ontology for representing knowledge about the surrounding environment of a building in an urban context, considering the geo-spatial objects and processes such as built environment, vegetation, population and so on. The ontology can be useful to create a knowledge management system for different experts involved in the process of the building renovation, to extend the in-formation and stretch the domain from the individual building to the environment. Knowledge about what entities and attributes to select is captured based on literature and investigating the pilot demonstration sites. Such an ontology can help to structure the surrounding data to support processes in different stages of the renovation. The final goal is to support planners in decision making process namely in site planning and pre-data collection phase, energy modelling, comfort analysis and so on to control cost and quality. Moreover, it can be valuable in further studies of integrating data of various sources for construction purposes.