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Density and Thermodynamic Speed of Sound of Liquid Vinyl Chloride

Javed, Muhammad Ali; Rüther, Moritz; Baumhögger, Elmar; Vrabec, Jadran

Vinyl chloride is one of the world’s most important industrially synthesized substances, but due to its physicochemical nature, comparably little is known about its thermodynamic behavior. Accurate density and thermodynamic speed of sound data of vinyl chloride in the liquid state are measured along nine isotherms, covering the temperature range from 283 to 362 K up to a pressure of 91 MPa. Data are presented with a maximum expanded uncertainty (k = 2) of 0.15% for the density and 0.16% for the speed of sound. They are compared with all available literature sources and a preliminary equation of state. Present density data are in good agreement with the literature data and have a maximum deviation of 1.5% from the equation of state. However, no experimental speed of sound data are available in the literature for comparison and the equation of state diverges up to −12.4% from the present data.
Published in: Journal of Chemical &Engineering Data, 10.1021/acs.jced.9b01133, American Chemical Society (ACS)