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Virtual Worlds—Real Decisions: Model- and Visualization-based Tools for Landscape Planning in Switzerland

Walz, Ariane; Gloor, Christian; Bebi, Peter; Fischlin, Andreas; Lange, Eckart; Nagel, Kai; Allgöwer, Britta

Prominent construction projects in Switzerland, such as the Sawiris luxury resort in Andermatt planned by Orascom Hotels & Development, Cairo (Egypt), or the idea of a hotel and apartment tower at Schatzalp, Davos, demonstrate how rapidly Alpine landscapes may undergo major changes. Decisions on whether or not such changes are supported by policymakers should be based on the best information available and in agreement with the local population to ensure long-term sustainable development. The present article investigates the potential and limitations of computer-based tools to support such decisions in the area of landscape planning, with a particular focus on Alpine landscapes.
Published in: Mountain Research and Development, 10.1659/mrd.0965, International Mountain Society; United Nations University