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High-resolution MCP-TimePix3 imaging/timing detector for antimatter physics

Glöggler, Lisa; Caravita, R.; Auzins, M.; Bergmann, B.; Brusa, R. S.; Burian, P.; Camper, A.; Castelli, F.; Cheinet, P.; Ciuryło, R.; Comparat, D.; Consolati, G.; Doser, M.; Gjersdal, H.; Graczykowski, Ł.; Guatieri, F.; Haider, S.; Huck, S.; Janik, M.; Kasprowicz, G.; Khatri, G.; Kłosowski, Łukasz; Kornakov, G.; Malbrunot, C.; Mariazzi, S.; Nowak, L.; Nowicka, D.; Oswald, E.; Penasa, Luca; Piwiński, Mariusz; Pospisil, S.; Povolo, Luca; Prelz, F.; Rangwala, S. A.; Rienäcker, B.; Røhne, O. M.; Sandaker, H.; Sowinski, T.; Stekl, I.; Tefelski, D.; Volponi, Marco; Wolz, T.; Zimmer, C.; Zawada, Michal; Zurlo, N.

We present a hybrid imaging/timing detector for force sensitive inertial measurements designed for measurements on positronium, the metastable bound state of an electron and a positron, but also suitable for applications involving other low intensity, low energy beams of neutral (antimatter)-atoms, such as antihydrogen. The performance of the prototype detector was evaluated with a tunable low energy positron beam, resulting in a spatial resolution of ≈12 mm, a detection efficiency of up to 40% and a time-resolution in the order of tens of ns.
Published in: Measurement Science and Technology, 10.1088/1361-6501/ac8221, IOP