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Benefit Assessment and Reimbursement of Digital Health Applications: Concepts for Setting Up a New System for Public Coverage

Lantzsch, Hendrikje; Panteli, Dimitra; Martino, Filippo; Stephani, Victor; Seißler, David; Püschel, Constanze; Knöppler, Karsten; Busse, Reinhard

In Germany, some digital health applications (DiHA) became reimbursable through the statutory health insurance system with the adoption of the Digital Healthcare Act in 2019. Approaches and concepts for the German care context were developed in an iterative process, based on existing concepts from international experience. A DiHA categorization was developed that could be used as a basis to enable the creation of a reimbursed DiHA repository, and to derive evidence requirements for coverage and reimbursement for each DiHA. The results provide an overview of a possible classification of DiHA as well as approaches to assessment and evaluation. The structure of remuneration and pricing in connection with the formation of groups is demonstrated.
Published in: Frontiers in Public Health, 10.3389/fpubh.2022.832870, Frontiers