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Analysis of European IP Laws for Audio Branding Context

Reguera, Lucía; Planas, Noemí; Muñoz, Bruno

This document is the first of two dealing with the legal regulations and the management of the Intellectual Property (IP) rights involved in audio branding processes and is complemented with document D7.1. After conducting a thorough search of bibliography both online and in specialised libraries, and holding informal meetings with the Commission’s department in charge of copyright policy and legislation, and copyright expert Silke von Lewinski, amongst others, we realised that there are no reports or compendia dealing with European IP laws from the point of view of audio branding. Thus, we had to start from scratch and carry out a documentation work in which we analysed the existing laws, bibliography and research on general copyright law, and apply it to the field of audio branding. Gathered information and conclusions are transferred into recommendations that have to be taken into account for novel and current audio branding services and business models. The current document exclusively deals with legislation and case law, and only covers the general overview of collective management. Details on how Collective Management Organizations collect tariffs, identify owners and distribute the revenues originated by the usage of works in audio branding processes work is part of D7.1.