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Molecular Dynamics with Neural Network Potentials

Gastegger, Michael; Marquetand, Philipp

Molecular dynamics simulations are an important tool for describing the evolution of a chemical system with time. However, these simulations are inherently held back either by the prohibitive cost of accurate electronic structure theory computations or the limited accuracy of classical empirical force fields. Machine learning techniques can help to overcome these limitations by providing access to potential energies, forces, and other molecular properties modeled directly after an accurate electronic structure reference at only a fraction of the original computational cost. The present text discusses several practical aspects of conducting machine learning driven molecular dynamics simulations. First, we study the efficient selection of reference data points on the basis of an active learning inspired adaptive sampling scheme. This is followed by the analysis of a machine learning based model for simulating molecular dipole moments in the framework of predicting infrared spectra via molecular dynamics simulations. Finally, we show that machine learning models can offer valuable aid in understanding chemical systems beyond a simple prediction of quantities.
Published in: Machine Learning Meets Quantum Physics, 10.1007/978-3-030-40245-7_12, Springer