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Enforcing enrollment in health insurance exchanges: evidence from the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany

Ginneken, Ewout van; Rice, Thomas

Experience from the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany suggests that there may be a looming problem concerning uninsured individuals and defaulters that could derail coverage projection numbers in the United States under the Affordable Care Act. In those countries, the young, people with migrant backgrounds, and those with lower incomesprecisely the groups the Affordable Care Act is seeking to coverare overrepresented in the numbers of the uninsured and defaulters, frequently because of difficulty in paying for their premiums. In these three countries, penalties or suspension of coverage alone has not led everyone to purchase coverage or prevented some from defaulting. Help in addressing the vulnerable position of the uninsured may be needed. Examples include using a multifaceted approach in which public authorities help with debt restructuring, freeing some funds in the exchanges to help vulnerable groups, and compensating insurers for their outstanding payments if they follow an agreed protocol instead of canceling coverage.
Published in: Medical care research and review, 10.1177/1077558715579867, Sage Publications
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