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Facile one-pot synthesis of Pt nanoparticles/SBA-15: an active and stable material for catalytic applications

Zhu, Junjiang; Xie, Xiao; Carabineiro, Sónia A. C.; Tavares, Pedro B.; Figueiredo, José L.; Schomäcker, Reinhard; Thomas, Arne

Pt/SBA-15 with an enhanced surface area but unchanged pore diameter (compared to pure SBA-15) and a Pt average particle size of ∼9 nm shows a high and stable activity for both gas-phase CO oxidation and liquid-phase cyclooctadiene hydrogenation. No intrinsic change in the structure of the catalyst occurs after several reaction cycles, suggesting that the Pt/SBA-15 presented here is an active and stable catalyst.
Published in: Energy & environmental science, 10.1039/c1ee01040a, Royal Society of Chemistry
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