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Crystal structure of mechanochemically synthesized Ag2CdSnS4

Heppke, Eva M.; Berendts, Stefan; Lerch, Martin

Ag2CdSnS4 was synthesized by a two step mechanochemical synthesis route. From a detailed analysis of the observed reflections in the X-ray powder diffraction pattern, the crystal structure proposed in the literature (space group Cmc21 [E. Parthé, K. Yvon, R. H. Deitch, Acta Crystallogr.1969, B25, 1164–1174; O. V. Parasyuk, I. D. Olekseyuk, L. V. Piskach, S. V. Volkov, V. I. Pekhnyo, J. Alloys Compd.2005, 399, 173–177]) is questionable. Our structural investigations presented in this contribution point to the fact that Ag2CdSnS4 crystallizes in the monoclinic wurtzkesterite-type structure (space group Pn). At around T = 200°C, a phase transition to the orthorhombic wurtzstannite-type structure (space group Pmn21) is observed.
Published in: Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B, 10.1515/znb-2020-0022, De Gruyter