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Simulation and Exergy Analysis of Energy Conversion Processes Using a Free and Open-Source Framework—Python-Based Object-Oriented Programming for Gas- and Steam Turbine Cycles

Zoder, Marius; Balke, Janosch; Hofmann, Mathias; Tsatsaronis, George

State-of-the-art thermodynamic simulation of energy conversion processes requires proprietary software. This article is an attempt to refute this statement. Based on object-oriented programming a simulation and exergy analysis of a combined cycle gas turbine is carried out in a free and open-source framework. Relevant basics of a thermodynamic analysis with exergy-based methods and necessary fluid property models are explained. Thermodynamic models describe the component groups of a combined heat and power system. The procedure to transform a physical model into a Python-based simulation program is shown. The article contains a solving algorithm for a precise gas turbine model with sophisticated equations of state. As an example, a system analysis of a combined cycle gas turbine with district heating is presented. Herein, the gas turbine model is validated based on literature data. The exergy analysis identifies the thermodynamic inefficiencies. The results are graphically presented in a Grassmann chart. With a sensitivity analysis a thermodynamic optimization of the district heating system is discussed. Using the exergy destruction rate in heating condensers or the overall efficiency as the objective function yields to different results.
Published in: Energies, 10.3390/en11102609, MDPI