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Social Entrepreneurship on Its Way to Significance: The Case of Germany

Cagarman, Karina; Kratzer, Jan; von Arnim, Laura Helen; Fajga, Kristina; Gieseke, Michaela Jacqueline

The environmental context plays a very important role in the success of entrepreneurial behaviour. Governments used this opportunity by introducing specific programmes, but do social entrepreneurs have a comparable chance of getting governmental support as commercial entrepreneurs do in these programmes? We analyze the EXIST Start-up Grant in terms of likelihood for entrepreneurs following economic and social sustainable development goals (SDGs). Our results indicate that there is a decreased probability to get the EXIST Start-up Grant when following social SDGs. We argue that it is about time to introduce specific programmes for social innovation and/or reassess existing programmes in terms of their openness to social entrepreneurs.
Published in: Sustainability, 10.3390/su12218954, MDPI