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Brain-Computer Interface - Motor Imagery Data

Blankertz, Benjamin; Vidaurre, Carmen; Sannelli, Claudia; Kübler, Andrea; Halder, Sebastian; Hammer, Eva-Maria

We provide a data set of a BCI study using a motor imagery paradigm. In a calibration session, participants were instructed by cues to perform different types of imagined movements. The pair of classes resulting in the most promising discrimination was chosen and a classifier was trained. That classifier was used in the feedback session to let the participants move a cursor horizontally according to the motor imagery they performed. Details about the experimental paradigm can be found in: Blankertz B, Sannelli C, Halder S, Hammer EM, Kübler A, Müller KR, Curio G, Dickhaus T, Neurophysiological Predictor of SMR-Based BCI Performance NeuroImage, 51(4):1303-1309, 2010 [ ]. Data is provided preprocessed in order to supplement the publication: Sannelli C, Vidaurre C, Müller KR, Blankertz B. A large scale screening study with a SMR-based Brain-Computer Interface: categorization of BCI users and differences in their SMR activity. PLoS One 2019.