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Using MATSim as a Component in Dynamic Agent-Based Micro-Simulations

Singh, Dhirendra; Padgham, Lin; Nagel, Kai

This paper discusses use of the widely used transport simulator, MATSim, as one component in a large complex agent based microsimulation where dynamic changes in the environment require the agents to be reactive as well as goal directed. We describe a number of refinements to MATSim that have been made to facilitate its use within our deployed wildfire evacuation applications, as well as some tools that have been developed which complement MATSim. All code is freely available under open source licenses. As applications increasingly require complex microsimulations, with many aspects, it is important to use existing software where possible. However most simulation systems, like MATSim, have been developed as standalone systems. We identify ways that MATSim has needed to be extended or modified in order for it to be used as a component in a larger whole. The paper provides details that will be useful for anyone wanting to use MATSim within their specific application.
Published in: 7th International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS 2019), University of Liverpool