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On the detection of artifacts in Harmonic Balance solutions of nonlinear oscillators

Wagner, Utz von; Lentz, Lukas

Harmonic Balance is a very popular semi-analytic method in nonlinear dynamics. It is easy to apply and is known to produce good results for numerous examples. Adding an error criterion taking into account the neglected terms allows an evaluation of the results. Looking on the therefore determined error for increasing ansatz orders, it can be evaluated whether a solution really exists or is an artifact. For the low-error solutions additionally a stability analysis is performed which allows the classification of the solutions in three types, namely in large error solutions, low error stable solutions and low error unstable solution. Examples considered in this paper are the classical Duffing oscillator and an extended Duffing oscillator with nonlinear damping and excitation. Compared to numerical integration, the proposed procedure offers a faster calculation of existing multiple solutions and their character.
Published in: Applied Mathematical Modelling, 10.1016/j.apm.2018.08.013, Elsevier