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Enhancing MATSim with capabilities of within-day re-planning

Illenberger, Johannes; Flötteröd, Gunnar; Nagel, Kai

This paper presents a framework for simulation of within-day re-planning for the MATSim project. Three major building blocks are presented, each of which represents specific aspects of driver behavior. These components comprise (i) the provision of descriptive information in the form of link travel costs, (ii) prescriptive information in the form of routes, and (iii) a model of driver satisfaction. An exemplary model is presented, which focuses on en-route re-planning under different types of information provision. In this model driver perception is constrained to link traversal costs and decisions are made by application of a standard shortest path algorithm. The satisfaction of a traveler is modeled with a scoring (utility) function that evaluates routes as well as activities travelers are aiming at. The framework's applicability is tested with a simple fictive network and a real-world network of Greater Berlin.
Published in: 2007 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, 10.1109/ITSC.2007.4357810, IEEE