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Sport in the Peace Movement — A Challenge for the Sport Science

Güldenpfennig, Sven

Sport stands in ambivalent relation to war and peace. The actual peace movement has shown that, in its new dimensions, the total threat to mankind by nuclear armament requires a "Copernican turning point" in political thinking and acting in all social spheres. Some aspects of the responsibility of sport for peace are described. In sport politics and science this responsibility is discussed controversially between the concepts "proprium" and "political mandate" of sport. They reflect general obligations of sport science to political counselling. Peace-political and -pedagogical meanings and margins of action of sport are illustrated. - "One has to bring the habitual terms into a new frame of reference. They have to be rethought with regard to the logic of political thinking in the nuclear age. In the history of science, revaluations of the whole terminology repeatedly took place. Each time, the transition to a new way of thinking, which extended over decades or centuries, was accompanied by a merciless struggle. But this time there is no time available to mankind. The logic of thinking in the nuclear age must be comprehended as quickly as possible." (G. Ch. Schachnasarow)—
Published in: International review for the sociology of sport, 10.1177/101269028502000305, SAGE Publications
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