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Terephthalonitrile-derived nitrogen-rich networks for high performance supercapacitors

Hao, Long; Luo, Bin; Li, Xianglong; Jin, Meihua; Fang, Yan; Tang, Zhihong; Jia, Yuying; Liang, Minghui; Thomas, Arne; Yang, Junhe; Zhi, Linjie

A novel high performance electrode material for supercapacitor applications, terephthalonitrile-derived nitrogen-rich network (TNN), is developed successfully via temperature-dependent cross-linking of terephthalonitrile monomers. This work opens up a new window for seeing a versatile modular toolbox derived from various aromatic nitrile monomers for developing better electrode materials in the future.
Published in: Energy & environmental science, 10.1039/c2ee22814a, Royal Society of Chemistry
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