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Mesoscopic Modeling for Continua with Pores: Dynamic Void Growth in Viscoplastic Materials

Weinberg, Kerstin; Böhme, Thomas

The temporal development of arbitrarily distributed voids in a viscoplastic material under different loading regimes is investigated. For this reason, we make use of a mesoscopic continuum model extending the classical space–time domain of continuum mechanics. This extended domain requires a reformulation of the classical balance equations as well as the consideration of additional constitutive quantities. Furthermore, a mesoscopic distribution function is formulated to describe the temporal evolution of different void regimes. Here, we assume a spherical shell model for the porous composites and elaborate all required steps in order to describe load-induced void growth in a metal-like matrix. We conclude with some exemplary results that confirm experimental observations of dynamical fracture.
Published in: Journal of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, 10.1515/JNETDY.2008.002, De Gruyter
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