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Improved oxidation resistance of high emissivity coatings on fibrous ceramic for reusable space systems

Shao, Gaofeng; Lu, Yucao; Hanaor, Dorian A. H.; Cui, Sheng; Jiao, Jian; Shen, Xiaodong

To develop high emissivity coatings on fibrous ceramic substrates with improved thermal resistance for reusable space systems, WSi2–MoSi2–Si–SiB6-borosilicate glass coatings were prepared on fibrous ZrO2 by slurry dipping and subsequent high temperature rapid sintering. A coating with 20 wt% WSi2 and 50 wt% MoSi2 presents optimal thermal stability with only 10.06 mg/cm2 mass loss and 4.0% emissivity decrease in the wavelength regime 1.27–1.73 μm after 50 h oxidation at 1773 K. The advantages of double phase metal-silicide coatings combining WSi2 and MoSi2 include improved thermal compatibility with the substrate and an enhanced glass-mediated self-healing ability.
Published in: Corrosion Science, 10.1016/j.corsci.2018.11.006, Elsevier