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Study on cutting performance of SiCp/Al composite using textured YG8 carbide tool

Wang, Xu; Popov, Valentin L.; Yu, Zhanjiang; Li, Yiquan; Xu, Jinkai; Yu, Huadong

Precision machining of SiCp/Al composites is a challenge due to the existence of reinforcement phase in this material. This work focuses on the study of the textured tools’ cutting performance on SiCp/Al composite, as well as the comparison with non-textured tools. The results show that the micro-pit textured tool can reduce the cutting force by 5–13% and cutting length by 9–39%. Compared with non-textured tools, the cutting stability of the micro-pit textured tools is better. It is found that the surface roughness is the smallest (0.4 μm) when the texture spacing is 100 μm, and the residual stress can be minimized to around 15 MPa in the case of texture spacing 80 μm. In addition, the SiC particles with size of around 2–12 μm in the SiCp/Al composite may play a supporting role between the texture and the chips, which results in three-body friction, thereby reducing tool wear, sticking, and secondary cutting phenomenon. At the same time, some SiC particles enter into the micro-pit texture, so that the number of residual particles on the surface is reduced and the friction between the tool and the surface then decreases, which improves the surface roughness, and reduces the surface residual stress.
Published in: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 10.1007/s00170-021-08353-z, Springer Nature