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Cache-Aided General Linear Function Retrieval

Wan, Kai; Sun, Hua; Ji, Mingyue; Tuninetti, Daniela; Caire, Giuseppe

Coded Caching, proposed by Maddah-Ali and Niesen (MAN), has the potential to reduce network traffic by pre-storing content in the users’ local memories when the network is underutilized and transmitting coded multicast messages that simultaneously benefit many users at once during peak-hour times. This paper considers the linear function retrieval version of the original coded caching setting, where users are interested in retrieving a number of linear combinations of the data points stored at the server, as opposed to a single file. This extends the scope of the authors’ past work that only considered the class of linear functions that operate element-wise over the files. On observing that the existing cache-aided scalar linear function retrieval scheme does not work in the proposed setting, this paper designs a novel coded caching scheme that outperforms uncoded caching schemes that either use unicast transmissions or let each user recover all files in the library.
Published in: Entropy, 10.3390/e23010025, MDPI