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Transforming Spatial Practices Through Knowledges on the Margins

Tabačková, Zuzana

Drawing on knowledges of spatial practitioners in Slovakia and Czechia, as well as those of feminist science and technology studies and actor-network theory, the article explores the benefits and importance of bringing diverse knowledges into spatial practice. More specifically, it focuses on the issue of including voices, perspectives, and knowledges in the construction of space other than those of status quo often implicated in the (re)production of social injustices. It proposes to look at the margins as a site of potential resistance to find spatial practices/know-hows and visions that actually contribute to the creation of spaces for good lives of marginalised communities. Leaning on the experiences of practitioners on the margins, the article presents portraits of two organisations to explore in detail what spatial practices they employ to materialise their marginalised visions. Building on an analysis of these case studies, the article closes with a description of three transformations of spatial practice that are needed for better involvement of marginalised visions in spatial production: addressing a more complete image of the world, conceiving of space as multiple becoming, and participation as a matter of care.
Published in: Urban Planning, 10.17645/up.v7i3.5415, Cogitatio