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Affinity Android Mobile Application (.apk)

Eichinger, Tobias; Papke, Robin (Contributor); Rebscher, Lucas (Contributor); Tran, Hong Chinh (Contributor); Trzeciak, Magdalena (Contributor); Liegener, Lukas (Contributor); Saini, Shivam (Contributor); Koljada, Denis (Contributor); Thieme, Andrej (Contributor); Högl, Severin (Contributor); Schneider, Felix (Contributor); Ögel, Tahir (Contributor); Minh, Thieu Ha (Contributor); Willmann, Patrick (Contributor); Digtiar, Mykola (Contributor); Romanchenko, Daniil (Contributor); Ugriumov, Sergei (Contributor)

These .apk files are two distinct versions of the Android mobile application that allows users to share ratings on movies through ad-hoc wireless connections in physical proximity and derive recommendations on these ratings on-device. Source code & Build Instructions: Version affinity-android-v1.0-alpha(9022019)-debug.apk has been used to produce the results reported in this publication: Tobias Eichinger, Felix Beierle, Robin Papke, Lucas Rebscher, Hong Chinh Tran, and Magdalena Trzeciak. 2019. On gossip-based information dissemination in pervasive recommender systems. In Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys '19). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 442–446. Version affinity-android-v1.2-alpha(9023000)-debug.apk addresses many of its privacy-related drawbacks.