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CO2 utilisation today : report 2017

Zimmermann, Arno; Kant, Marvin; Strunge, Till; Tzimas, Evangelos; Leitner, Walter; Arlt, Wolfgang; Styring, Peter; Arning, Katrin; Ziefle, Martina; Meys, Raoul; Kätelhön, Arne; Bardow, André; Castillo Castillo, Arturo; Flanders, Nicholas; Marinić, Saša; Mechnig, Stefan-Paul; Zimmermann, Arno (Editor); Kant, Marvin (Editor)

This report provides perspectives on CO2 utilisation from a variety of angles: interviews with scientists, essays on business, environment and social impact, as well as stories from CO2-utilising companies. While the authors’ views differ on whether and how CO2 utilisation could be done, all agree that large-scale CO2 utilisation would have a significant impact: It could not only change the way fossil resources and renewable energies are used, but CO2 utilisation could even lead to market changes in chemicals, fuels and materials and to new value chains. Such a fundamental societal change requires favourable preconditions in the four fields of technology, market, societal impact and policy. The future impact of CO2 utilisation remains to be decided. Whether utilisation markets will be niche or large-scale is debated and dependent on the right requirements.