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Linear Diophantine Fuzzy Rough Sets: A New Rough Set Approach with Decision Making

Ayub, Saba; Shabir, Muhammad; Riaz, Muhammad; Mahmood, Waqas; Bozanic, Darko; Marinkovic, Dragan

In this article, a new hybrid model named linear Diophantine fuzzy rough set (LDFRS) is proposed to magnify the notion of rough set (RS) and linear Diophantine fuzzy set (LDFS). Concerning the proposed model of LDFRS, it is more efficient to discuss the fuzziness and roughness in terms of linear Diophantine fuzzy approximation spaces (LDFA spaces); it plays a vital role in information analysis, data analysis, and computational intelligence. The concept of (,)-indiscernibility of a linear Diophantine fuzzy relation (LDF relation) is used for the construction of an LDFRS. Certain properties of LDFA spaces are explored and related results are developed. Moreover, a decision-making technique is developed for modeling uncertainties in decision-making (DM) problems and a practical application of fuzziness and roughness of the proposed model is established for medical diagnosis.
Published in: Symmetry, 10.3390/sym14030525, MDPI