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Context and Implications Document for: A comprehensive view of trust in education. Conclusions from a systematic literature review

Niedlich, Sebastian; Kallfaß, Annika; Pohle, Silvana; Bormann, Inka

In recent years, research has often focused on single areas of society in which trust is emerging. But the preconditions and consequences of trust in complex education systems have not yet been extensively considered. Based on a systematic literature review of 183 articles, this paper aims to provide insights into recent research on trust in different domains of education. Drawing on these findings, the paper introduces a comprehensive model of trust. It discusses what governance approaches and tools are associated with trust, what trends in generalised trust are found, and how they are linked with education. Moreover, the paper identifies context factors that influence the creation and maintenance of trust in different domains, as well as approaches used to measure and analyse trust in multi‐level (education) systems. Through the substantial synthesis of recent findings, the paper opens up perspectives for theoretically driven, interdisciplinary comparative research that may in the future shed light on the role of trust in education systems.
Published in: Review of Education, 10.1002/rev3.3237, Wiley