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Activity and Eye Movement Analysis as Basis of Vehicle Cabin Design

Rötting, Matthias; Rösler, Dirk; Lohse, Katrin; Göbel, Matthias

An inventory of different methods was developed over the last couple years to evaluate the ergonomic quality of different drivers workplaces. The cockpit of short-haul buses, long-haul buses, streetcars and harvesting machinery were evaluated. Based on this analysis criteria for the re-design could be developed. E.g. the design of the standard German short-haul buses is based on the results of such an analysis. In a first step, the physical layout of the cabin is recorded and evaluated. The analysis of the (static) posture of a large number of different subjects in a number of typical positions gives valuable information about the anthropometric design of the workplace. It is complemented by an analysis of the posture during the real task with a smaller number of subjects. In addition, the activities and the eye movements of the subjects during the real task are recorded and analyzed and used as input for the re-design of the cabins.
Published in: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 10.1177/154193120004402032, SAGE Publications
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