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Fabrication of Paper Sheets Coatings Based on Chitosan/Bacterial Nanocellulose/ZnO with Enhanced Antibacterial and Mechanical Properties

Jabłońska, Joanna; Onyszko, Magdalena; Konopacki, Maciej; Augustyniak, Adrian; Rakoczy, Rafał; Mijowska, Ewa

Here, we designed paper sheets coated with chitosan, bacterial cellulose (nanofibers), and ZnO with boosted antibacterial and mechanical activity. We investigated the compositions, with ZnO exhibiting two different sizes/shapes: (1) rods and (2) irregular sphere-like particles. The proposed processing of bacterial cellulose resulted in the formation of nanofibers. Antimicrobial behavior was tested using E. coli ATCC® 25922™ following the ASTM E2149-13a standard. The mechanical properties of the paper sheets were measured by comparing tearing resistance, tensile strength, and bursting strength according to the ISO 5270 standard. The results showed an increased antibacterial response (assigned to the combination of chitosan and ZnO, independent of its shape and size) and boosted mechanical properties. Therefore, the proposed composition is an interesting multifunctional mixture for coatings in food packaging applications.
Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 10.3390/ijms22147383, MDPI