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Copper‐Free Sonogashira Coupling for High‐Surface‐Area Conjugated Microporous Poly(aryleneethynylene) Networks

Trunk, Matthias Georg; Herrmann, Anna; Bildirir, Hakan; Yassin, Ali; Schmidt, Johannes; Thomas, Arne

A modified one‐pot Sonogashira cross‐coupling reaction based on a copper‐free methodology has been applied for the synthesis of conjugated microporous poly(aryleneethynylene) networks (CMPs) from readily available iodoarylenes and 1,3,5‐triethynylbenzene. The polymerization reactions were carried out by using equimolar amounts of halogen and terminal alkyne moieties with extremely small loadings of palladium catalyst as low as 0.65 mol %. For the first time, CMPs with rigorously controlled structures were obtained without any indications of side reactions, as proven by FTIR and solid‐state NMR spectroscopy, while showing Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) surface areas higher than any poly(aryleneethynylene) network reported before, reaching up to 2552 m2 g−1.
Published in: Chemistry - a European journal, 10.1002/chem.201600783, Wiley-VCH