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Plasma Assisted Reduction of Graphene Oxide Films

Vinoth Kumar, Sri Hari Bharath; Muydinov, Ruslan; Szyszka, Bernd

The past decade has seen enormous efforts in the investigation and development of reduced graphene oxide (GO) and its applications. Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) derived from GO is known to have relatively inferior electronic characteristics when compared to pristine graphene. Yet, it has its significance attributed to high-yield production from inexpensive graphite, ease of fabrication with solution processing, and thus a high potential for large-scale applications and commercialization. Amongst several available approaches for GO reduction, the mature use of plasma technologies is noteworthy. Plasma technologies credited with unique merits are well established in the field of nanotechnology and find applications across several fields. The use of plasma techniques for GO development could speed up the pathway to commercialization. In this report, we review the state-of-the-art status of plasma techniques used for the reduction of GO-films. The strength of various techniques is highlighted with a summary of the main findings in the literature. An analysis is included through the prism of chemistry and plasma physics.
Published in: Nanomaterials, 10.3390/nano11020382, MDPI