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The photometry of hollow light guides

Rosemann, A.; Kloss, S.-H.; Müller, T.; Aydinli, Sirri; Kaase, Heinrich

Light-pipes described in this paper guide light along an axis allowing it to escape from its surface for illumination purposes. Light is coupled into them by a beamer luminaire. The performance of a hollow light guide very much depends on the quality of the materials used to guide the light. The luminous characteristics of these materials influence a light-pipe’s overall performance. The first section of this paper describes measurement techniques for light incidence resolved measurements on materials. Common co-ordinate systems for describing the geometry and a data format to store the data are shown. The second section of this paper deals with light-pipe goniophotometry. A goniophotometer for light-pipes has been constructed at the Technical University of Berlin. To evaluate the results measurements are compared to these from a real installation.
Published in: Lighting Research & Technology, 10.1191/1365782805li129oa, SAGE Publications
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