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Stress mode superposition for a priori detection of highly ‎stressed areas: Mode normalisation and loading influence

Strzalka, Carsten; Marinkovic, Dragan; Zehn, Manfred W.

From the economic and technical point of view, the reduction of development periods and required resources represent a considerable benefit. For the reduction of numerical effort and processed data in numerical stress analysis, the present paper is focused onto the investigation of an efficient method for the a priori detection of a structural component’s highly stressed areas. Based on the theory of stress mode superposition and the frequency domain solution of the decoupled equations of motion, an analytically consistent approach for a priori mode superposition is presented. In this context, the influence of multiaxial loading and mode normalisation is investigated. Validation is performed on a simplified industrial model of a twist-beam rear axle.
Published in: Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics, 10.22055/JACM.2021.36637.2878, Faculty of Engineering, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz